3 effective and free SEO Tips

Effective  SEO Tips

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Search engine optimization (Search engine optimization Google) is a complex process that can reasonably be called a science or a particular branch of science. His need to learn, otherwise drown your site among the thousands of others who took care of the optimization of sufficiently good.

To understand how the Google search engine should spend many hours studying various books, and possibly in the presence of online courses. Despite the small number of useful tactics, this paper presents the three effective SEO tips that will surely help you.

What is SEO?
SEO (search engine optimization) is a search engine optimization, namely Web sites design methodology to the highest web positions in the search engine results. SEO frequent case is mistakenly identified with search engine marketing (Eng. Search engine marketing). SEO factors that determine the site positions in Google search engine, 2015 This year there were more than 200. All of them are not exactly known as search engine algorithms are not publicized, in order to avoid manipulation of them.

Pages titles Optimization

Meta titles insertion into your web pages should be first, and the easiest thing for you to do. They, like, say, “Hi, we already exist, and we are in compliance with this and this keyword.

Every SEO expert will tell you that the title is the most important thing in the beginning, and they need the most relevant keywords. However, you can do the same and, moreover, that your industry knows more and better know very well what language phrases your potential customers.

Do a little research, find out what keywords attract visitors to use your competitors. Consider the headlines page. I orientuočiausi at the “long tail” keywords, namely Such expressions, which have more than one word and focus on a narrower audience.

Natural” Creating links between

Anyone who has a website, has heard about the link value. Generally speaking, the other sites that link to your site, which is a result of increasing your authority. ” But the link between the development of the rules over the last few years have changed radically.

Google’s algorithm is now able to identify the “unnatural” link, i those for which it was paid, “hidden” and other references. This may prove to be too difficult for the SEO novice, but the basic principle: links must be created neforsuotai naturally.

A few good ideas to attract more high-quality links to make the next record would be to write a blog, success in social networks (the collection of the site “fans” and followers“), exchange links with similar themed blogs and portals.


Unique and high-quality content creation

Previously, in order to create attractive content for search engines you need to provide something interesting and causing more than 10 grammatical errors regrettable article. Those days are over. Now you have to create a unique and high quality content – preferably in subjects for which no one has ever found. And, of course, the text must be consistent, organized. This distinctive and the most important factor in optimizing website Google search engine.

Google’s algorithm is now able to identify the “unnatural” link, i those for which it was paid, “hidden” and other references. This may prove to be too difficult for the seo novice, but the basic principle: links must be created neforsuotai naturally.

The unique format may be, for example, infographics, video clips, or inspirational stories. Say something bold. Write about what people really care about. Insert inspiring picture. Make your audience laugh or cry …. Let readers identify with your content.

The sound of my recommendation for start-E. commerce stores: Start blogging on a daily basis, the number of followers gather, then integrate a blog into your e-mail. commerce site. If you remember the chicken-and-egg dilemma, then the contents of the hen.



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3 effective and free SEO Tips

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