9 To Do’s to get approved for Google Adsense account

Google Adsense is one of the highest revenue generating business of Google. Google Adsense is the program where a blog owner or website owner get opportunity to make some extra money out of their website. For many people, it works really well like Labnol and for few, it doesn’t work.

Some years ago, people used to think that the keyword they chose should be high paying and they will make good money from Adsense. Well, yes it was true and it may happen even now but things have changed now. More than what content your website has, Google checks what searches a user has used and accordingly runs ads on your pages. So, it may or may not happen that your page will have such high paying keywords related ads coming up.

Getting to the Adsense approval, it is easy in few countries to get Adsense account ready but there are several other countries where getting Adsense account is not that easy. Below are the points you need to be sure of and you will get your new Adsense approved:


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1. Domain Age

Domain age is one thing that Google sees when you submit your application. To get approval, your domain should be old enough that they don’t think your are fresher without enough knowledge applying for the Adsense account.

2. Use professional email

This is the tricky one but still very easy. If you apply for Google Adsense account using generic gmail/yahoo/me/outlook or any other email address, the chances are that you will be rejected but that doesn’t mean you surely will. This is just one thing, you may be approved if your blog is good enough to be considered but my suggestion would be to use an email from your own domain. It can be like me@mywebsite.com where mywebsite is your domain name. This won’t be it and doesn’t assure your approval but surely be helpful.

3. Have enough content and keep it updated

Content is a major thing. You can’t have a website run for six months with not enough content on it and apply for an Adsense account thinking your blog has been enough old now. Though Adsense recommends to have at least five pages but the more is the merrier. I would always suggest you to have good content, unique one and if possible, more of the textual. Have articles of good enough lengths and that will always be helpful.

4. Design

You have old enough domain, good content but website looks sloppy, unprofessional with just any other design, even this won’t work. Your blog/website should be readable and look nice enough to say that it is decent website. Get a good professional theme from third parties or WordPress store if you are just starting out. An appealing design helps you getting more chances of being approved.

5. SEO Friendly

The website must be SEO friendly. When we say SEO Friendly, that means I am talking about On-Page optimization like structured URL, meta descriptions and many other things. Without proper optimization, you won’t get enough visitors and without enough visitors, why would Google or anyone display their ads on your website. It is just like advertising on a TV channel which doesn’t have enough viewers or maybe none.

6. Traffic

I am sure when you have purchased a new domain and hosting plan, you must be serious about it. You must be thinking to go extra miles and have worked everything to get your website in order in terms of content, design and SEO. You still will need to promote your website and promote it in a way that you get enough traffic. Ideally, I won’t apply for an Adsense account until I have at least 10,000 PageViews each month. This won’t ensure just the Adsense account but also get me money since I have enough viewership and people who might click an ad that is related to them.

7. Inbound links (backlinks)

This just a bonus point. Backlinks help you getting more visitors. More visitors means more popularity and that is the key to Adsense account. If you get enough backlinks and hence traffic in just a month time, you can apply for an Adsense account even then.

8. Privacy Policy, Abous us and Contact page

Google takes these pages very seriously and so must you. Having these pages on your blog or website only proves that you are professional to  your visitors and so to Google. Everyone needs to know who is behind the website, how to contact them and any privacy policy you have. Be sure to have these pages on your website before applying to Google Adsense.

9. Topic or Category for your website

Any content that is about illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals, sexual content won’t get approved. These are the banned categories and you should not apply to Adsense if your website falls under any of these or related categories which can lead to a type of content that leads to negative mindset.

Google Adsense is one of the best methods to make money online and is undoubtedly the best contextual advertisement platform as compared to any of its alternatives. One reason is the payouts. The payout is excellent using Google Adsense. Since several people use Google as search engine, Google knows what you have searched recently and where the visitors want to go and accordingly they show ads on your webpage. This may or may not be related to what your content is about.

Still Rejected?

If you have done everything and still got a rejection, don’t dishearten. Just do what you are doing and apply in a month or two months time. I am sure you will gain enough trust to be considered. Make sure you are not trying to fool Adsense people as there are real humans that are checking every website manually before saying yes to a Google Adsense account.

Pankaj Dhawan

Hello, I am Pankaj Dhawan starting out to share my knowledge in hope to serve you very well, as much as possible and I am open for any criticism.

6 thoughts on “9 To Do’s to get approved for Google Adsense account

  • February 25, 2016 at 11:05 pm

    Hi Pankaj,
    Another think that Google AdSense counts is Unique content. I few don’t have unique content for our website, then our blog or website will surely be rejected.

    • March 4, 2016 at 4:25 am

      True! If your content is copied one or the content is re-written, that website adds no value. But if you are able to get good traffic with white hat SEO without able to create new and unique stuff, I think Google would still be okay with you. It’s just about getting better on having decent traffic.

  • February 28, 2016 at 3:24 am

    I have opened one account for my old blog. Didn’t get approved. Thank you for clarifying this.

    • February 28, 2016 at 8:42 am

      Try again with keeping the points above mentioned. You need to have good content and more number of posts on your website before applying Adsense.

  • February 28, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    Hi Pankaj,

    You have shared an important and must read topic for newbie bloggers. Most of the newbie bloggers are applying for adsense immediately after creating their blog. That’s not a good idea. My suggestion is, better they have to concentrate on updating unique articles, doing seo, creating interlinks, external links by commenting on other blogs in regular basis (compulsary four or five comments/day to other blogs) etc… before applying for adsense. Until then, they can use adsense alternatives like qadabra, bidvertiser, infolinks, clicksor etc…

    They can also try some affiliates like clickbank, amazon, cj, shareashale like that.

    • March 4, 2016 at 4:28 am

      Hi Raaja

      Sure there are alternatives to Adsense but Adsense will always show better ads and pay you better. As you said, in the meantime you may use it but not in long run. If you really want to make money through CPC, Adsense is the best.
      About Affiliate Marketing, it is always the better choice but not a cakewalk.


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9 To Do’s to get approved for Google Adsense account

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