BJP forming Govt in 3 states, one goes to congress: 2017 Election results

Finally, UP was a massive win for BJP and winning over 3/4th of the total seats was never thought of by anyone.

With this massive shock, all the parties in opposition are hit hard.

I opine SP would have gained more seats had it not been aligned with Congress. Akhilesh Yadav is only the CM but the strategist was his father, not him.

They made the drama on stage, fought and reunited, son did not listen to his father, so on and so forth.

Mayawati already made deep damages by building parks and elephants everywhere.


Goa politics is also going to a weird way which made Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar quit and get back to home state as CM. Having BJP in Goa was critical for BJP since that is the start to penetrate deep into southern states.

Same is happening with Manipur state. Even though BJP came to second spot, it is claiming to form the government with the help of other legislators who decided to support BJP instead of Congress who won more seats than BJP in Manipur.


Punjab was bad for BJP-SAD due to bad image and work of SAD and people had decided to go against them.

Honestly, this came to me as a bit surprise since I was thinking of AAP to come into power and forming government in this state but thankfully it didn’t happen.

This is my personal opinion but not able to get more than 20 seats in Punjab, it proved that the people aren’t really happy with AAP’s work in Delhi.


Also, I thought AAP would get more seats in Goa as well looking at their activities in the state but I wasn’t right there either. This proves that they need to work more and focus on Delhi better and prove to the people before jumping to all other states.


To those who say BJP is winning just because of Modi, well, if that was the case, Goa wouldn’t ask for Manohar Parrikar back to the state as their CM. This indeed tells that BJP has more people than Modi who have charmed the people.


Overall, these elections’ results have strengthened the BJP more and we will see if this trend continues for other states as well.


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BJP forming Govt in 3 states, one goes to congress: 2017 Election results

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