Exit polls results for coming states’ elections

So we have exit polls results for coming session for the voting for the states – UP, Goa, Punjab, Manipur and Uttarakhand.

As per the latest data published by Network18-Gramener, the results are below:

Punjab Exit Polls Network18-Gramener: AAP: 57, Cong: 53, BJP+SAD: 7


Uttar Pradesh Exit Polls Network18-Gramener: BJP: 193, SP+Cong: 133, BSP: 67


Uttarakhand Exit Polls Network18-Gramener: BJP: 38, Congress: 26, Others: 6

For Punjab, the results are in favor of AAP but for other states, BJP has most wins.


UP elections are going to be major role-playing polls and everyone will have eye on this state. Clearly, all the exit polls are favoring win for BJP and if added few more seats, they can actually come and rule the state.

The only state when they can’t would be if SP-Cong and BSP together try to ally and get enough seat to make the government for which, the case is very less although Akhilesh said in the tweet that he won’t stop himself from allying with BSP if needed to stop BJP.




Below are the other results from the polls:







These polls are very close to the truthness and even we believe that Punjab will be in the hands of AAP since the people do not have any other choice left which Arvind Kejriwal knew and made sure he wouldn’t lose any chance to have this opportunity.

Besides, every other state is favoring BJP which as per exit polls are most certainly going to for the government or win with big margin in state like Uttarakhand.


Now we we will have to see how things turn out for all of them.

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Exit polls results for coming states’ elections

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