Facebook – The 10 years journey [Infographics]

Mark Zuckerburg has done great job in creating Facebook but creating something isn’t enough, making it successful and keep it going is a challenge. I would say Mark is one of those great entrepreneurs who know what they are doing and how to do it.

Facebook started in 2004 from a college campus and now it has been #1 social networking site. Facebook has made Mark as multi-billionaire and the only source was advertising. It is constantly changing it’s look and adding up new features with time which gives users much better.

I personally feel the design is so simple that you can easily navigate to what you want to do from what you are doing. This simplicity is the one thing that has helped Facebook to achieve and stayed at number 1 rank. Not just it is a #1 social networking site, it has crossed 1B daily active users and is #2 most visited website after Google on Alexa scale. This is crazy stat for a site which is just 10 years old and builds nothing but maintains a website.

In 2014, Facebook had their 10th birthday and below is their timeline since the start as how they have evolved:


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Facebook – The 10 years journey [Infographics]

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