How does Facebook makes money? – [Infographics]

How does facebook make money? Or maybe Google and others? The money made is so huge that the numbers seems sometimes very unreal. Let’s focus on Facebook for now. To begin with, how does a website makes money anyway?

The simple answer is that there are three choices a website to make its money – sell products, sell services (online or offline) and advertisements. Facebook uses third way to make its huge money and so does Google and in fact any website that is not selling any product or services of its own.

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Facebook essentially grew to this huge level because of only the ads it has been showing daily to its users.

Study below this image to see how much money has been spent by many big brands to advertise on facebook and what their sentiments were.

facebook makes money

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No name above mentioned is a small name in the real world. These brands let facebook made fortunes and its still counting.

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How does Facebook makes money? – [Infographics]

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