Indian Bank Share: 25% Profitability

Indian Bank is down significantly in this rising market and if it surfs the riding wave, we should expect this share to go up significantly in near future which can be as high as 25%.

Indian Bank Share

Indian Bank is currently trading at 296.20 but made high of 356 and above in recent times and the main trend of the share is uptrend. This can be considered as a dip and opportunity to buy this share is right here.

I would recommend to sell previously recommended shares now to make good profits. If you want, you can hold the share as well.

NOTE: From now on, please visit other website for more recommendations.

Our Portfolio overall now:

Share NameBought onBought atSold onCMP/Sold atPercent Profit
VEDL2017/04/11250Hold2570.03% (Floating)
Indian Bank2017/07/12296.20Hold296.20Floating
Total Profit50.29%

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Indian Bank Share: 25% Profitability

by Pankaj Dhawan time to read: 1 min