[Infographics] – Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

You can’t finish a jigsaw puzzle by focusing on only two or three pieces. You need to see the entire table in order to put the pieces where they need to be, and to see where any are missing. It’s the same principle behind your Internet marketing campaign, where you need to be able to visualize how all of its components come together before you can have a fully functional and successful campaign. There are dozens of pieces that make up successful lead generation campaigns, and if any of them are missing, it could spell disaster for you and mean all the effort you put into it could be wasted.


At Straight North, a leading Chicago-based Internet marketing company, we’re dedicated to understanding how a successful lead generation campaign fits together so we can help our clients build the most effective ones for their needs. That has led us to identify each and every component of those campaigns, and understand how they all work as a whole. To help our professionals and our clients understand this process better, we’ve developed an infographic flowchart that illustrates what we’ve come to know as the ecosystem of Internet marketing lead generation.

As you can see below, this flowchart labels all of the components that go into a successful lead generation campaign, and there are a lot of them. Knowing how they all fit together in the greater scheme of things is important because one or two missing elements can mean the entire mechanism breaks down, and leads that could be bringing you sales are being neglected or ignored. If you’re concerned about your campaign’s performance — or if you’re curious to know how yours stacks up — review this infographic and take note of anything that might be missing from it. Chances are you might be trying to put that puzzle together without being able to see the entire thing.

Infographic created by Straight North, an internet marketing company

Brad Shorr

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, an Internet marketing agency in Chicago that offers SEO, PPC and web design services. With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Shorr has been featured in leading online business publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur and Moz.

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[Infographics] – Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

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