National Fertilizers: Share to buy next

The fundamentals of National Fertilizers Limited Shares are very strong with dividend history and profiting in the books.

Currently, the share is trading at 69 but the book value is in 30s which tells us it’s strong fundamentals.

The recent uptrend also shows that it has started to rally up and if this trend continues, we are going to see even stronger fundamentals of this company.


I would recommend buying the share at 69 and hold it until it hits our target which should ideally be divided in two – T1 which would be 77 and T2 would be around 86. I would sell them at 77 without waiting further but since the numbers are promising and if you can hold it longer, please do so.


We have got positive results from the previous calls but one call is still pending although it is in positive anyway – City United Bank.

So if you see, we have two open positions in our hand –

CUB bought at 141 and NFL bought at 69.

Let’s hope we see positive outcome from these two shares just like happened with other two.


Pankaj Dhawan

Hello, I am Pankaj Dhawan starting out to share my knowledge in hope to serve you very well, as much as possible and I am open for any criticism.

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National Fertilizers: Share to buy next

by Pankaj Dhawan time to read: 1 min