Are off-page SEO and link building the same?

So far, I understand that we know what is off-page and on-page SEO and their differences. To know more about it, please visit – Off-page vs On-page SEO.

Now, I always focus more on writing quality content. Afterall, that is what the reason is for which you have visitors on your website on the first place – for the right content.

If content is right, it will be self-promoting and you will instantly be liked by the visitors and probably start getting natural backlinks which is important to your blog and not just creating backlinks for the sake of it.

Yes, commenting on other blogs and writing some content on forums might also will help you but not much in long run, not for the content quality but just for curiosity. You are not providing the right content to the people and hence there will be very difficult point of time you will find difficult to grow yourself.

If you are striving for users, well, you will get few on your site but that would just not grow unless your content is really superb and is providing excellent information.

My story:

I was also writing content but doing lot of forum posting, commenting and other stuff, of course with genuine cause and not just for the sake of getting visitors but still, I was doing all that, nothing bad about it.

I found a guy on a forum who was quite abusive to users and very criticizing over how they ask questions for just the sake of it or answer some questions and he would put them down telling them they couldn’t be more wrong.

Now, that bluntness and bitterness, ruthlessness and rudeness – that was what I didn’t like about him and I had some fight about something, I knew I wasn’t wrong for sure but later when I read all his posts on the forum, I realized he was senior member on the forum, highly active and always writing about writing good content.

I realized if I wasn’t wrong, he was neither and sometimes there can be two right answers to a question – for SEO, there are many!


Should you promote your blog then?

I will write a story, another one here which I liked very much.

A very good scholar in English, highly literate and achieved Masters in English literature wrote a wonderful novel but wasn’t getting enough returns of what she did, approached a well established author but not that qualified as she was. She asked her why she wasn’t getting enough copies of her book sold even after writing the masterpiece and how he got it and how she could also achieve such fiat.

The answer of that author was what I liked it.

He asked her what she sees on the book pointing towards – best seller. He told her – it nowhere says best-writer or best-authored, it is best-seller which means it was all about marketing.


After reading the story, it clearly says that content might not be as important as important promoting it is but to have the faithful followers of your blog, you somehow need to have an awesome content as well.


Content surely is Kind!


Focus on everything but writing a content people need is what you need to do to get ahead of others who just write an ordinary stuff!

Happy Blogging 🙂

Pankaj Dhawan

Hello, I am Pankaj Dhawan starting out to share my knowledge in hope to serve you very well, as much as possible and I am open for any criticism.

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Are off-page SEO and link building the same?

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