Off-Page vs On-Page SEO methods

When it comes to SEO, Off-page and On-page are the two terms you will hear of most commonly. It is not really that rocket science to understand and as the name suggest – Off-page means something not on the page as contrary to On-page.


On-page SEO:

On-page SEO deals with all sorts of things related to the blog or website like on which platform you build it – wordpress or blogger followed by choosing the right domain name and so on so forth.

You need to write an article, a post that is written to help and support people and not just to add on the posts or fake the things. Adding quality posts are really important. I have read at many places that writing long posts, maybe of 2000+ words is a better deal than writing shorter ones but I hell am sure that it is not true in all the cases. Writing what is write for the visitor is important and not for the bots.

As being said by Bill Gates as well – Content is King – I firmly believe in this fact. Adding photograph would be significant only because if a user is searching for a photo, there might be a case your website’s photo gets picked up and showed in the search results. Creating something awesome would always help.

Off-Page SEO:

Talking about off-page, if just link building is what you mean are the ways, I am sorry to disappoint you, you are very wrong. As said above, creating the best content is the key but of course, promoting the content in relevant channels is always important. For ex, if you are writing a technical blog about mobile phones and promoting it on just anywhere, you are just not getting the things right my friend, you need to be focused on your audience as where to find them. Foor ex, if you are running a website or blog related to employment, you might wanna promote it rather to LinkedIn than Facebook.

Again, links come to you naturally but building good connections are more important than just the links for your website.


Reported by the experts at YEAH! Local SEO to be both really important and crucial for success – you can’t ignore either of the components. We will compare these two things and understand the difference between the two.


Ease of Implementing:

If you are tech person, just a little bit of it; if you have created your own blog yourself, then doing on-page SEO would be much easy for you. While adding a new post, you just have to make sure that all the parameters that are required to take care of like title, url, meta description etc are in place and you are adding relevant image to your post.

If you are rather good at writing and not good at promoting something, you would find it very easy to do on-page SEO than off-page but if someone has been good at marketing the written content, for them, off-page would be easier – decide for yourself what category you fall in.


Time of implementation:

Again, this depends upon how good you have become with time on writing and promoting the content. If you think you are able to do research rather quickly and write the content easily, you will do on-page rather easily than off-page.

Off-page seems bit interesting because you have to post some links on social media, some on other channels and do some other stuff and things will keep moving but promoting a good content is very important. If the content is not good, you are losing your path for it.

Writing quality content is very important than just writing and promoting anything.



As stated above, On-page would require rather more technological skills than off-page as promoting a content wouldn’t involve seeing any code. When you are doing on-page SEO, it involves lot of other things and playing with codes would also be the one sometimes.

If you are technically literate, just a little bit would be enough, you should be able to take care of on-page SEO and off-page, you need to know a lot about marketing and selling yourself.



In the end, I would let you decide what is easy and what not for you and where you need to focus more and where not. It is all upto a person as how they see the work and keep going about it.

Pankaj Dhawan

Hello, I am Pankaj Dhawan starting out to share my knowledge in hope to serve you very well, as much as possible and I am open for any criticism.

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Off-Page vs On-Page SEO methods

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