8 Rules to follow to sell better in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is always better when compared to other form of online money making sources. It pays you off better than Google Adsense in most cases and works better as well. The only thing is it is not always easy to sell a product unless you are able to boast about it better.

Now, boasting is quite a bit negative word here honestly. I mean, if you are boasting about something, make sure it is true before your credibility is gone regarding that product. Once gone, it is hard to convince the people to trust you again. So, make sure you are selling the right product to right people at right price and well, this is not really an easy task.

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Here are 8 those points that you need to have about a product before you even start selling.

1. Sell what you believe in:

This is fairly simple rule, isn’t it? Selling something which you don’t know much about but only because it is being sold by many, you are selling it too – doesn’t make much sense. The quality of the service or product you are trying to sell should be of high value and if possible, cost-effective.

You should believe in the product/service providers that they are really good and are going to help your audience before you sell that. Get in touch with customer services and see how the services are. Try to know as much as you can and once you know that you are really ready, start selling the thing you are really comfortable with.

2. Sell what you have tried and tested yourself before:

Everything you want to sell online, not necessarily you might have tried but it is always good to start with selling something that you have tried already. ex, begin with selling the hosting providers that you have chosen for yourself. Explain why you have chosen what you have and why it is good.

Your experience with customer service staff and affordability and ease of using it. How effective was it and how to use it to make it more effective. Something you have tried and liked, you would automatically will have faith in it. Having faith in something you are not manufacturing or offering is very important.

Besides, you will be able to explain better, if questions asked by audience, regarding the product/service if you have been a user in the past or recently or currently.

3. Know the product you are selling:

You might have used something, you might have purchased it or used the trial version. If you have used the trial, even that is okay but not enough for selling it.

If you don’t want to pay to learn more about something, just research as much as you can. Maybe get in touch with someone and interview them regarding their experience. Interviewing someone from the company producing the product might not be as useful as they are going to exaggerate things which is very obvious but some user, probably the credible user, someone renowned and how they liked it and how was the experience, that would help your audience better.

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4. Don’t sell just to make money

I believe in this thing a lot. Just strive to support people and money will come later, itself. Money is not a big deal and we, as humans, will earn enough anyway to look after ourselves and the family. Think big, think different, think of making a change, making a positive change in the society and that will pay off eventually.

Google doesn’t charge you to show the results for any search yet they are huge by offering a free service to their users because advertisers are fighting with each other to promote themselves. Same goes for Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter. You can make money eventually if you have created something of high value that is in favor of your users.

5. Offer coupons or trials if possible:

Not that this is always going to be in your control but if you can get your audience some kind of trial for 14 days or 30 days or so before they actually start paying, it is a great deal. People would wanna try something for free before spending money to see if it is worth their money and only those services that trust themselves that they are the best, will let you use their services for free of cost. This is really important in case of service, might not be as good for products category.

Coupons that can get you some off on the initial price or some kind of trial is always a gimmick people will fall for. And in many cases, you can modify the codes as per your own convenience and usage.

6. Write how to tutorials about the product:

You have tried the product, used it yourself and you liked it much but it is not necessary that your audience is as much tech savvy as you are or would be able to comprehend all the features quickly. You must have spent some time playing around with the product you tried but writing how to sign up and getting started is always helpful.

If possible, create a YouTube channel and create the videos using screen recording tools for better clarity. Having these things in place will help your potential buyer understand the features quickly and understand the product better. Include as much images as possible while writing the tutorial so that people are able to understand easily. Not just it, if software or platform is upgraded, it is your responsibility to keep on updating it on your blog because you don’t want to get obsolete.

7. Write multiple posts:

If you think composing one blog about a product discussing its ins and outs is enough for selling it, it is NOT! You need to keep writing about the product many times, everytime discussing new thing about it. Any new coupon, new feature, add on tools or just anything, keep writing and it will start selling one day. Once it does, it won’t stop and you will be proud of yourself – keep calm and keep writing!

8. Discuss disadvantages as well:

I see people talking all the positive about a product but not the negative stuff. Please be honest with people. Everything and everyone has one or two flaws at least. Write about them as well. It will increase your credibility as for audience, you know a lot about the product, its flaws as well.

As I said, write for the society, in favor of them, without hiding info that you have regarding the product and you will sell even better. You might compare here with some other product as well which you might or might not have used mentioning lot of it’s disadvantages just to make sure your audience don’t get deflected and if you see lot of exits there, you may wanna write about few competitors as well so the user can stick to your blog only.


I am sure this post would help you selling better and be a better Affiliate Marketer. If I have missed something, please let me know and keep in touch! πŸ™‚

Pankaj Dhawan

Hello, I am Pankaj Dhawan starting out to share my knowledge in hope to serve you very well, as much as possible and I am open for any criticism.

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8 Rules to follow to sell better in Affiliate Marketing

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