State of Social Media: Social Network Demographics – [Infographics]

We all know that Social Media Optimization is much needed part of SEO in 2017. Social Media integration and promotion is of high importance not just because it is helpful for  sending signals to Google but sending real traffic to the website

Anything done for SEO is not just meant for Search Engines but for the good of real visitors

But before you can choose the Social Network to be active on, you need to know how they have distribution of users according to several factors like gender, age, location etc.

Afterall, we don’t need just traffic but targeted traffic. But to get such traffic, we need to know the distribution of the same throughout different platforms.

Below is the  infographics developed Tracx which gives the details for few major platforms.



Pankaj Dhawan

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One thought on “State of Social Media: Social Network Demographics – [Infographics]

  • April 14, 2017 at 10:38 am

    Damn Dude! Can’t believe the high usability of your posts. I often read articles on Even thought about trying to get something published, but didn’t want to waste my time. This steps you shared in this post has made me rethink that. Thanks,kamal


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State of Social Media: Social Network Demographics – [Infographics]

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