15 Techniques to improve your blog traffic

If you are having a blog, then the first thing that will come to your mind is how to get more traffic. Being a blogger I have always looked for better search engine optimization techniques which could help me to get more traffic for my blog. When I was a beginner, I use to follow all those bloggers who were experts and are doing blogging from years. But let me you tell you that the only things that work in the field of SEO and Blogging are the experience. Because an expert blogger and SEO experts make their own technique for getting the best results or follow others techniques and use those techniques better than the other bloggers. So, if you can’t make your own techniques then you can follow others techniques and reign over the internet.

Here are some of the techniques which have worked for me to improve my blogs traffic. There are 15 techniques which I will be sharing with you.

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improve your blog traffic

1. Be Active on social sites:

If you have written good content then that’s not enough, you have to do a lot more than that. Social media is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your website or blog. Join groups and communities with the same niche of your blog. Social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, Google+ and some other social networking sites get millions of traffic per day and you can use these social networking sites to improve your blog’s traffic. One of the best ways is to interact with people and tell them about your business.

2. Use of catchy headlines(titles):

The title of   any post plays an important role in improving the blogs traffic. There is no use of writing good content if you can’t attract readers to read your blog. So, use compelling headlines for your blog post which attracts the audience. If you are not good at making attractive headline then you can use some tools for the same. Here are those tools which you can use.

3. Make use of comments:

Comment on other bloggers blog and if they are good enough, they will surely return a comment to your blog. There are many commenting systems which you can enable on your blog which can result in some more comments. But personally, I want to suggest to you to use CommentLuv for getting more comments on your blog. Having a CommentLuv enabled blog will not only help you to get more traffic but it will also help you to get some backlinks for your blog. The logic is simple if you will get comments that mean you are getting visitors to your blog.

4. Internal Linking:

Don’t let you site visitors to leave your site by just allowing them to read just one post. Do some internal linking on your blog. So that visitors can read the interlinked post. This technique can also help to improve the bounce rate of your website.

Moreover, internal links can help you to increase the domain authority of your website.

5. Write Guest Blogs:

Guest post has been one of my favorite technique for improving my blogs traffic. Posting a guest post on the good sites can get you more exposure on the internet. A good Guest on a good and reputable site can improve your site’s visitors in a single day.

Some other things which you will get on doing Guest Blogging:

  • You build a healthy relationship with other bloggers.
  • You can get a Dofollow link.
  • Guest blogging also helps to get you a Reputable authorship.

6. Try to do perfect On-Page SEO:

SEO stands for the search engine optimization, many of you must be familiar with it. You must have a site which is perfectly optimized for search engines. Use of the all on-page SEO will help to gain a little more traffic.

Here are all the things which must be done to do Perfect On-Page SEO:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Use of LSI (latent semantic indexing)
  • Keyword Density
  • Site structure

7. Email Marketing:

I know that some bloggers or marketers think of email marketing as spam but trust me it works. The bloggers or the marketers who were calling it a spam are also using email marketing now. It can a powerful tool which could help you to get tons of traffic to your blog. But as I said email marketing can lead to the spamming, so use this technique with care. Try to send the emails once a week so that it does not move to the spam folder automatically.

8. Check the speed of your site:

Make your sites speed faster, the only reason for this is that there is not you alone who is providing the information but there are many who are providing the information for the same. I don’t remember that I have seen a site which takes 30 seconds to load. There are many huge sites which load in a matter of 1 to 2 seconds. So make sure to have good speed for your website. Even though, if your site takes many loads, then the bounce rate of your website will go high which will lead to the decrease in your blog traffic.

9. Use Long tail keywords:

Long tail keywords are a better source of traffic because we can rank them on Google SERPs by putting very fewer efforts. And secondly, people search long tail keywords more than single or double words keywords. Many expert bloggers recommend using Long tail keywords.

10. Go for keywords with high search volume & low competition:

Besides using long tail keywords, you have to do some extra work to shine on the internet. So, go for long tail keywords but mainly go for those long tail keywords which have high search volume and no or very less competition.

11. Interview the Blogging experts:

When you will interview the expert bloggers and write about them in your blog post, you might get shares on social media from these expert bloggers. And getting shares means more traffic for your blog. You can send an email request to the bloggers using their contact us forms. And when you will do this, there will be many bloggers who will be ready to give you interview for your blog. So, just grab this point in your mind and hit it.

12. Check your Analytics Data:

You might be using Google Analytics for getting insights about the traffic of your blog. Bloggers use this tool to get more traffic, let me tell you what they do. They see what is working for them, is it social media? , Commenting or referral links. Once they know what the best source of their traffic is, they put their more focus on that only. You can also do the same.

13. Invite people to write for your Blog:

Guest posting can be done both ways. When other bloggers write for your blog, both the blogger and the guest bloggers get some new connections. Which results in better relationships and more traffic. But be careful to get the guest post, allow those who write some quality content and will not share spammy links.

14. Word Of Mouth:

This is the free and great source to improve your blog traffic. Ask your relatives, friends and colleagues to visit your site. Tell them the domain name of your site, ask them to give a visit to your blog. Even if you meet a stranger ask him to do the same.

15. Advertise:

Last but not the least, go for advertising of your site. I am recommending this because if you are not interested in above techniques or have very less or no time, then advertising is the best way for you to improve your blog traffic. You can join Google AdWords programs or any other for the same.

Robin Khokhar

Robin khokhar is the founder of Tricky Enough, a blog where you can find tips and tricks about Blogging and SEO. He is good at the search engine and search marketing issues. You can follow him on twitter @jacoblucky3

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15 Techniques to improve your blog traffic

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