83 Ways to increase traffic to your website for free

There are numerous way listed already to increase traffic to your website, specially organic but I am going to write here in detail as what you can do right now to increase your blog traffic, without spending any single penny in adverts.

Getting organic traffic is not so easy as compared to paying up to Google and Facebook and getting visitors right away.

increase website traffic

So here we go:


  1. Search and target long-tail keywords
  2. Write awesome content with at least 1000 words
  3. Use right SEO plugin(s)
  4. Do internal linking to your own articles
  5. Do external linking to other relevant blogs and reach out to them to tell them, they may return the favor
  6. SEO-friendly permalinks
  7. Create title that is appealing and user would want to click and read further
  8. Always add meta description
  9. Always add images with alt tags
  10. Submit your website to search engines
  11. Do guest blogging by write much more awesome content on other high authority blogs/websites
  12. Invite others to write for your blog/website
  13. Be social – stay active on social media and keep sharing yours and other’s content
  14. Make sure your website loading time is less than 2 seconds
  15. Create AMP version of your website
  16. Interview industry leaders
  17. Build a site that is responsive
  18. Start building email list with the beginning
  19. Be interactive – reply to every comment you get
  20. Submit your site to Reddit
  21. Submit your website to blog directories
  22. Create sitemap for your website and submit to Google, Bing, Yahoo etc
  23. Create content in the form of Videos
  24. Create content in slides
  25. Create infographics and reach out to others to add the infographics to their website
  26. Research the competition
  27. Do Webinars with some leaders, interview them on webinars
  28. Start a Facebook group and promote your and other’s content there
  29. Keep updating your old content
  30. Do not start advertisements just when you start getting traffic, let them fed with awesome content
  31. Write more frequently, at least 3 posts a week or more
  32. Mention influencers in your tweet and follow them, they will notice sooner or later
  33. Read, read and read – reading always help
  34. Create a list post – this always work more than others
  35. Answering questions on sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora will definitely help
  36. Write a post that is very long in nature, highly meaningful and something people like to link to – getting natural backlinks
  37. Use skyscapper technique
  38. Do blog commenting – very much helpful
  39. Share your content on Triberr
  40. Share your content on Alltop and Blogarama
  41. Use CoPromote to get more social media traffic – it works
  42. Write an eBook and distribute freely in exchange of email
  43. Give and have podcast interviews
  44. Share your website within LinkedIn groups
  45. Make how to videos and post to YouTube
  46. Help fellow website owner’s and learn together
  47. Start creating brand out of your  website and yourself
  48. Optimize your website for Mobile devices
  49. Snippet Optimization
  50. Write Case Studies
  51. Use Broken Link Strategy to get more links
  52. Take advantage of social bookmarking sites
  53. Submit your site to various directories (high quality only, no reciprocal links)
  54. Join forums and be an active member
  55. Build yourself as an Authority
  56. Keep reading about Google’s update and write about it at earliest possible times – keep your users updated
  57. Write honest reviews that help your readers
  58. Use Buffer for scheduling social media promotion
  59. Ping your site after every article posting and share on social media
  60. Ask your readers to share your posts
  61. Promote your site on BizSugar
  62. Use BuzzSumo to check what is hot trending and write accordingly
  63. Write controversial articles
  64. Use email signature and business card to promote your website
  65. Use Flipboard
  66. Use Inbound.org
  67. Link Roundups
  68. Submit to ManageWP.org
  69. Resubmit post to LinkedIn and Medium
  70. Create Q$A/FAQs post on something or service or product
  71. Use Tumblr
  72. Use StumbledUpon
  73. Use Scoop.It
  74. Share old content to Social Media
  75. Create PodCasts
  76. Create Tutorial videos and post on YouTube
  77. Promote other’s content and they will eventually promote yours
  78. Write content properly edited, you can use Grammarly if needed
  79. Help and support others as much as you can – Karma gets your back
  80. Add social share buttons to your site
  81. Add HelloBar or SumoMe to capture more emails/leads
  82. Analyze Analytics and write more content on topic which is getting you better results and link other pages to it
  83. Do proper formatting and structuring before publishing


These are not the only ways to increase traffic to your website but surely they will boost the traffic specially when your blog/website is new.

All the above mentioned methods are free of cost and there is no expenditure involved but if you can spend money, you can do the advertisements on Google, Facebook or other relevant blogs and get more traffic to your own website.

Once you start getting traffic, you will need to check what are the pages that are getting more visits and promote other pages on that one with internal link building. Also, write more about that topic so you create higher authority for that particular topic.

Building yourself as an authority is very important. It gives you a lot of returning traffic and also the bounce rate will be low.

You should follow all the above mentioned ways to increase traffic to your website but most importantly, make sure you are writing awesome content that your users like. Be open and share everything to your visitors – that will build trust.

When it comes to sharing everything, I am not suggesting you to follow the examples but I like the approach of Harsh Agrawal who shares his traffic and income report – now that is called be transparent!

Or you can think of Neil Patel who is so open about his work on SEO that if you follow his methods, you can lead to blast of traffic (check those at http://seobergen.no/).



Getting traffic is not a big deal but is all about persistence and combination of hard and smart work. If needed, spend money. Don’t be like:

penny wise, pound foolish

And I will mention again – writing awesome content will get you much more exposure than anything else.


If there is anything I have missed, please mention in the comment.


Pankaj Dhawan

Hello, I am Pankaj Dhawan starting out to share my knowledge in hope to serve you very well, as much as possible and I am open for any criticism.

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83 Ways to increase traffic to your website for free

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